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The two primary keys to a successful teaching day are obviously planning and organization. As technology improves and becomes significantly more affordable, more and more possibilities are appearing to eliminate binders and folders of paper from our already crazy lives.

Recently, I was looking for an online lesson planner or an app for my iPad that would allow me to create the standards-based lesson plans that are required in my school district. After downloading or signing up for countless free trials online, I’ve found what I think is by far the best online planbook available (and they’re actively working on an iPad app to complement the web-based program.


Planbook Screenshot allows you to create a custom lesson plan book, including color-coding, weekly, bi-weekly, and cycle of ___ days schedules, and the ability to share lesson plans with other educators. At only $9.99 for a year’s subscription (plus a 30-day free trial to check it out), is one of the best values in planning!

Other fantastic features include simple copy/paste for multiple sections of the same lesson and click-to-add standards for most states/subject areas and even the Common Core! You can also set it up to grant students/parents/administrators viewing permissions using your email and a separate password you can set up. The folks at are very responsive to emails and suggestions and keep customers up-to-date on recent additions via their Facebook page. works on tablets, although there are some quirks (they’re working on a tablet-native app that will take advantage of the amazing touch features of a tablet.

Up next – PDF readers and ways to eliminate the HUGE bag of materials and teacher resources that we drag around every day.


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