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… the final frontier. Such will be the voyage of this Kodaly-inspired music teacher.  Her new mission: to explore a strange new world, to decode middle school civilization; to boldly go down a new, unknown, scary path.

Yes, I know this is reminiscent of the introduction to a certain space-related TV show.  But it’s the best description of what my teacher-life is becoming.  I have been reassigned to one of our 5-8 buildings to teach beginning and intermediate band.  This is a scary proposition to me, as I’ve taught nothing but K-4 general music for the last seven years.  I’m not looking for sympathy today, just posting the news of the day.

Stay tuned for the adventures of a Kodaly-inspired music teacher’s adventures in band.  I will continue to post elementary-aged thoughts as I complete my thesis/project, but will also include ways I include Kodaly-inspired teaching in a beginning band setting.


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