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<ascends to soapbox> 

After watching the Opening Ceremonies today, one thought comes to mind. Although I could do without the commentary, I thought about what makes the Ceremonies so poignant. It is hands-down the music and artistry. Watch without the sound on, and there’s no chills, no wow factor. Are we leaving the next Olympic opening ceremonies producer/director/composer/musician or actor behind when we cut arts programs in our schools? Is the next architect of an Olympic stadium being left behind because he or she isn’t getting art class taught by an expert in the field on a regular basis? The children’s choirs and that amazing, angelic young boy from the opening scene could be sitting in our classrooms, their potential forever unrealized because they only have music class a few times each year and their only vocal “model” is Justin Bieber. 

When we put all of our focus on tested areas, we forget about the areas that make us human, make us feel emotion and empathy. When we can finally realize that goal in our schools, then and only then can we say that we leave no child behind. 

<descends from soapbox>


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