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…And I’m feeling good about this new year (yes, the Bublé reference was intentional).

As I said in an earlier post, I’m back to teaching elementary (K-5) music in a DFW-area school.  The school year started on Monday, and we are off to the races!  This is my ninth year of teaching, and I had nerves as bad as my first year – weird.  I have to admit, I wasn’t anywhere near as prepared as I hoped to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I was ready for the new year with first week plans, but setting up a completely new classroom (and not being able to find my word wall kit in all of my boxes from moving), made for a stressful start.  Not to mention having to start over getting to know over 450 students!

I’m now in a district with an amazingly rigorous Kodaly-inspired curriculum.  There is not a minute to waste in instruction, and that means it’s critical to set up the year for success during the first few classes.  There’s so much to squeeze into the first 50-60 minutes of instruction to make sure that the students have a good year.  From learning names, even if you’ve been in the same school for a while, to rules and procedures, these first few minutes are (I believe) too important to gloss over in the name of curriculum.

My next post will explore this idea much more in-depth, and include suggestions for rule-creation, room setup, student seating, and breaking the ice with students.


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